Our partners are guaranteed:

Access to the B2B platform

This is where you can check the latest collection, and after registering, you will learn about product prices, place an order and gain access to all relevant documents. Dividing the offer into sections for women, men and children, as well as special limited collections, will make the process of completing your shopping basket considerably easier.

Downloadable photos

Together with access to the wholesale platform, you gain the opportunity to download all product and lifestyle images of our products. They can be used in your on-line store and on social channels. The bank of such photos allows not only to significantly facilitate the work of our clients, but also to promote the brand.

New collection

Our offer never shines empty. Our systematic work is to constantly surprise our customers with new designs for children's socks and tights. In addition to the traditional collections, which we only refresh seasonally, we are extending our range with dedicated collections such as the Special Edition collection, Family or Planet Earth.

Fast shipping

As we value the customer's time immensely, we make every effort to ensure that an order placed is delivered to the customer's door as quickly as possible. Orders are processed as soon as they are received and fast delivery is guaranteed in cooperation with our partners. It takes from one to two business days for domestic orders and two to three days for international shipments.

Display stands

When selling, the display of products is extremely important. In order to facilitate the exhibition process of our products, we guarantee our customers branded displays available in two sizes. Thanks to the cardboard structure, they will be extremely convenient also in transport, and the interchangeable graphics will allow you to choose one that will suit the presented collection.

Made in Poland

One of our goals is to support the economic development of the country through our activities. That is why the entire production process takes place in the central part of Poland. This also ensures that the products on offer are under our control at every stage of their manufacture, allowing us to take full care of their highest quality.

Support of the account manager

Once a successful partnership has been established, you can count on us! You are guaranteed to be looked after by our experienced salespeople, who will take care of your orders and ensure that all key deadlines are met. In addition, they will reach out to you with any news, so that nothing interesting escapes your attention.