Pressure-free socks

It is important to us that every customer finds something that suits their needs in our product range. Therefore, it was of utmost importance to create products for people who need special care - those with circulation problems, swelling legs, people suffering from various diseases, with disabilities, or for wheelchair users.

These products are our pressure-free socks - a truly essential element that does not cause additional pressure on the body, thus does not disturb the blood flow. This technology allows users to wear our socks freely, without worrying about skin bruising. 


Despite the lack of welt, the pressure-free socks fit your feet perfectly. Thanks to their ribbed structure, they are very flexible and easily adapt to the user's body. In addition, most of our products are created using the seamless technology, which adds extra comfort. 


Apart from the health benefits, we provide a modern design, various colour options and, above all, a wide range of products. We offer: 


  • cotton boat socks in many colours, 
  • patterned laser-cut socks with a pressure-free welt, 
  • 100% cotton socks and boat socks, 
  • ribbed cotton socks, 
  • smooth bamboo socks,
  • bamboo socks with a fine diamond pattern,
  • merino wool socks, 
  • socks with algae.