Our highest quality Oeko-Tex-certified bamboo fibre has many unique properties not found in other materials. One of them is exceptional moisture absorption, which works very well in high temperatures.

Natural socks to protect your body made from fine bamboo fibre.

Thanks to the surface consisting of invisible micropores, the bamboo sock is slippery and very delicate, has amazing durability, and the soft and elastic threads are surprisingly resistant to mechanical factors.

Another important aspect is its antistatic properties, which means that bamboo is not susceptible to dust and mites, and it has a natural antibacterial and antifungal resistance. Thanks to its origin, it is hypoallergenic, which makes it suitable also for people with skin problems. 


Apart from the health benefits, bamboo socks undoubtedly take care of our feet, from the beginning to the end of use. We are proud of the variety of our bamboo products range. 


Boat socks and regular socks, with an elastic welt and pressure-free ones, take care of your body and do not cause any damage. Smooth or with a fine diamond pattern, all in several colour options. Some of them are manufactured with the seamless technology. Made in a Polish factory. So as every customer can find a product that will meet all their expectations. bezuciskowe, które dbają o ciało i nie przyczyniają się do żadnych możliwych uszczerbków. Gładkie lub z delikatną strukturą w romby, wszystkie w kilku opcjach kolorystycznych. Część z nich produkowana przy użyciu technologii bezszwowych łączeń. Tworzone w polskiej fabryce. Aby każdy klient, znalazł produkt, który spełni jego wszelkie oczekiwania.