Planet Earth

We are family-oriented. We value our region and want others to hear about it, too. Home is not just a building, or the people who live in it, but everything that surrounds it, which is probably why nature has always been especially important to us.

Zjednocz się z naturą i poczuj otaczającą cię przyrodę z unikatowymi wzorami Planeta Ziemia.

Our business is based in lowlands. We have calm and slow-moving nature here, hence our dreams about the local flora - medicinal chamomile or fragrant mint. However, we have no direct contact with the unknown and unpredictable wildlife. It is more distant to us, but no less exciting. A piece of it has been hidden by us behind the twigs of soft cotton and lavender flowers.


It is from this fascination that the Planet Earth series of socks and boat socks has been born. The products are made of top quality cotton, which is confirmed by Oeko-Tex certificates. The material is soft and light, and guarantees excellent air flow. The comfort is complemented by the seamless technology and elastic welt that adjusts to the body. The patterns are designed especially for us by our irreplaceable designer, and produced in our factory located in Poland, which is a safe and friendly workplace with 120 great employees.