Cotton Candy

Every parent knows how important the child's comfort is. Comfortable shoes, comfortable clothes, but also comfortable socks. So that the child can carelessly play and explore the world, without worrying about what is unpleasantly pressing or oppressing. It is the comfort of your child that guides us in creating the Cotton Candy collection. 

Our offer of children's products does not only include classic socks. The range also offers socks, knee socks, tights or leggings, which we use cotton, bamboo and woollen yarns to produce. They determine the thickness of the socks, the degree of warmth of the foot and the feeling of the material to the touch. The selection of suitable raw materials is our concern - it is up to the child and the parent to decide which will prove most comfortable.


In particular, we also want to ensure the safety of toddlers who are just starting to crawl or taking their first steps. It is to them that we devote socks and tights enriched with ABS silicone prints to prevent slipping, especially when every step is still uncertain. In addition, terry socks will successfully replace baffies, further warming the foot.


The world of a child is sparkling with a million colours. By translating colourful fairy-tale designs into our socks and tights, we try to keep up with it. Delicate hearts, animal or toy designs are the ones that most often appear on our products. From experience, we know that many of them appeal to the tastes of our youngest customers, which brings a smile to their faces, and to us the extraordinary joy of creating socks that delight.